Thursday, March 15, 2012

Seventeen Houses

I have been trying to catch up on the 365 Scrap Houses in 365 Days Challenge. So far, I am at January 17. I haven't given up, though.
I know it looks like my houses are quite crooked. Actually, they aren't laying flat on the design wall. There are so many seam allowances in such a small space that I can't get them to cling to the felt. I have pinned them on the wall. I want to report that I have taken the suggestions of my followers who suggested using paper that is made for paper piecing. That has helped. I have also switched to a larger needle size. It is now much easier to remove the paper. Thank you for your suggestions.

I think I am very slow at the paper piecing process. Chain piecing certainly doesn't work. Do any of you have any tricks for speeding things up? 

I haven't added the sashing and corner blocks yet because I am still trying to decide what colors I want to use. I think most will be doing black sashing with red corner blocks because that is what the originator of the challenge is using. I want to do something different. I am thinking about sage green sashing with brown corner blocks, or a charcoal gray sashing with a bright corner block...maybe orange or turquoise. Still thinking. I need to wander around in a shop that has lots of fabric. The local Hobby Lobby just doesn't do it for me. I hope to get into Lexington this weekend so I can do some fabric shopping.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love your houses. It sounds like this is a new technique for you and from your post, you have learned from it already. Once you are more comfortable, it will speed up. Enjoy the process. And it is your quilt - you pick what you like for sashing and cornerstones.

  2. Love your blocks! Chain piecing might work if you laid out three or four blocks on little mini-design boards and sewed the seam between #1 and #2 - four times - then #2 and #3 four times - like that. You would have to be careful which block is which - but you could take a photo of them first - before you sewed anything. And for fabric browsing - try Connecting Threads website - they have tons of colors you could wander through to narrow your choices. ;))