Saturday, April 28, 2012

In Too Deep To Quit Now

Despite all of my protestations that "I will not add any new projects while I have so many WIP's and UFO's" I have added another project. Apparently my word isn't worth much. You may have noticed the button for the Prism QAL. I just love the colors in this project. It is a project that explores the rainbow. This has been quite a change for me over the years. I have really been afraid of making color choices. Have you noticed that the first quilt I ever finished was white-on-white? There is a reason for that. It was a safe color choices. Now I am trying to break out of that straight jacket to make some bold choices.

Today I started pulling together my fabrics for this QAL. I have quite a stash of purples so the center of the quilt is a snap.
Even though the directions for the project call for medium, I went for dark in the center. As I worked my way out to the next round, I found that I do not have enough magentas to complete the round. I know I could repeat fabrics, but I think I would have to repeat too many times. I have very few pinks in my stash, so I am also repeating the lights in that round. I plan to find more magentas to fill out that round.

Putting the magentas aside, I tried to move on to the red/orange round. However, without having the magentas completed, I don't know what I will want to place in each spot. I think I am at a temporary stand still.

What a mess I have created in my sewing room. I have pulled out several of my stash containers and am in the midst of sorting and cutting fabrics.
Actually, if I could abandon this project right now, I would. I think I am in too far to quit. I have cut quite a few pieces and have been going through all of my stash trying to pull this together. I know that when I get to the yellow/brown round and the green round I will have no trouble having enough fabrics to finish each round.

So what do you do when you start a project and then have second thoughts? I think I will work on scrap houses tomorrow.


  1. I have some pinkish fabrics available if you need some?
    I tend to start and leave it till I've completed the projects I started out first. =D

  2. I pack it up - set it aside - add it to my UFO list - and let it "marinate" for a while. Then one day it just all comes together - as if by MAGIC!! ;))