Saturday, August 18, 2012

I'm Getting There!

I have finished piecing 365 scrap houses!
I have started putting together rows of small scrap houses.
 I have one caution to offer if you ever try this project, or if you do another paper piecing project. For some stupid reason (emphasis on stupid) I thought it would be important to leave some of the paper on the scrap houses.

I thought it would help me piece the project together. WRONG! What a pain in the neck. I stopped doing this at some time in the process. Now, when I get to some of the earlier houses that I pieced, I have to take the paper off the back. It would have been no problem to put the houses together without the paper. I have a consistent seam allowance, so I don't need the paper. OY! Don't make this mistake.

I will keep working on this as much as possible tomorrow, but I don't know how much time I can give to the project. Classes begin on Monday and I have some more preparation to get done.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I always remove my paper once pieced and units squared up rather than at the end. Wow - 365 houses, how amazing. I need to do some more - a weekend project. Thank you for the inspiration.

  2. Congratulations on the finish! I'm sure you'll be glad to see the back of them.
    I sometimes have to pull out my seam ripper to get rid of paper =D

  3. Wow! This is amazing to see. They are so cute.

  4. Congratulations on getting them made, what an achievement!!

  5. Congratulations!! All 365 houses - WOW!!

    I have left the paper on when attaching sections - but after making your same mistake - now I try to remove it before sewing the blocks together. It makes for the PERFECT mindless activity when I need one - ;))

  6. Congratulation!!Lovely houses!!
    I had try the paper piecing once. I had left the foundation paper when joining all blocks, I agree that leaving them make it so difficult to sew. I found that tweezer is a very useful for remove the paper.( The long-thin beak tweezer that use for hold beads.)This step is so much fun!!

  7. That is goiing to look great with all those houses. I think I got 7 housed completed.

  8. Oh my!! I LOVE your houses!! I might have to add this to my list of possibilties.

  9. I am humbled by these 365 houses. It boggles my mind, what a great feeling it will be when this project comes together.

  10. 365 houses!!! I am stunned. What an incredible effort. They are looking wonderful. Can't wait to see it all together!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Work is keeping me from getting back to my machine right now. I can't wait to finish this project up. Stop by again.

  11. OMNG your houses are wonderful!!