Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Agony and the Ecstacy

On one hand, I am extremely happy; on the other, I am really bummed. First, the bad part. You know the quilt closet that was the focus of my plan for my sewing studio? The one I have blah blah blahhed about for months? The one in which I would hang my quilts so they would no longer have to be folded up? Well, I hung a few quilts in it. It is not fitting the quilts the way I had imagined. The first one I hung is a twin size that my grandmother sewed for my daughter.
Do you see how the one in the back actually drags on the floor? That is the twin quilt. I didn't even hang it length wise. That is the width of the quilt. I hung several others that I have found so far, but I don't know what I am going to do with my king sized double wedding ring. It will drag on the floor no matter which way I hang it. Also, the width of fabric stretches, unlike the length of fabric. I might actually doing more damage to the quilts by hanging them than I would by having them folded up. What do you think?

Here is my NEW machine! DH and I made several trips to Lexington, checking out several makes and several shops. After falling in love with the most expensive machine in the world (you know the brand) I knew we couldn't spend that much money, so we kept looking. I found this Husqvarna Viking Saphire 835 on sale. It has all of the features I wanted the most and the price was right.

We also got the table you see here. I can use it with the machine raised or lowered. DH is making a plexiglass (I don't know if that is what it actually is, but it is plastic and it is clear) insert so that I will have a flat sewing surface when the machine is lowered. We made a trip to Lowe's today to get the materials. I tried to be patient, but honestly, DH shops at Lowe's the way I shop at a quilt shop. He was actually shopping for me so I really had to be patient. I think he has a good plan figured out. It is now my job to make the template for him to use when he cuts the plexiglass. 

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  1. Congratulations on your new sewing machine! New sewing machines are always fun!! And your new table! Tell your husband that if he has trouble making the plexiglass insert - not that he will - but you know - just in case he does - that Connecting Threads sells a "Sew Steady Table" for about $100. It is custom made to fit your machine - you just have to wait a couple of weeks for them to ship it to you. I got one years ago to fit one of my older machines - so when I got my table - I didn't order an insert - I just put the extension table on top and adjusted the height accordingly. Works great!!

    Sorry to hear that your closet isn't working the way you imagined. My house has 9-foot ceilings - but the closet poles are regular height - the extra height is ABOVE the shelf - like that matters! Oh, well - I just fold the quit tops over pants hangers and re-fold them occasionally. My quilts are folded in a pile - a no-no - but what can you do??