Sunday, September 4, 2011

I Found More Sewing Stuff

I knew I had more. Now that the carpet has been laid, DH and I spent most of the day yesterday digging furniture out of the storage room, bringing it out to the finished part of the basement, vacuuming off drywall dust, etc. and placing furniture. Phew! That was a workout!

Too much furniture in too small a space. Those posts are a real problem when it comes to furniture arrangement. We had to leave the posts in, of course, because they support the floor above. I thought by having them boxed in I would preserve as much openness and flexibility in the space as possible. I didn't picture them being so big. If furniture is set back, even a little bit, the view of the television (DH's 60" that he is still wishing for) will be obscured. If you have any ideas, let me know.
These both started out upstairs in the living room. We had too much furniture in there. I moved one of the chairs to a bedroom. When we were moving furniture around yesterday, we decided to move both chairs and the end table (anyone in the market for a 1980's brass and glass table?) down here. I love the chairs. They are so comfortable. They are easy to move when we have company and need more seating. I just don't think they go with the style of this house.

The door next to the two matching chairs is to a closet that is going to be our cat's room. It is partially carpeted with scraps from the big room. We are happy to have been able to relocate him back in the basement. During the construction process we had confined him to the upstairs. We put a gate (also useful with grandchildren) across the top of the stairs. We put his food, water, and necessary box in my office. We spent the next three months sweeping stray cat litter from the floor in every room in the house. He dragged it all over everywhere. I now know that this must have happened in my other house too, but since it was almost entirely carpeted, I didn't see it. This house has hardwood floors so every speck of dust or lint shows. When our cat comes out of his box, he doesn't just nicely step out onto the mat that I purchased to catch those stray pieces of litter. He comes out with a flurry spreading cat litter all over. It must also stick in his paws and fur because it ends up in every room. Enough about that. Suffice it to say, we are glad that he is relocated and that most of that litter will be hidden in carpet.
Here he is, peeking out from behind a cushion. He is happy to have furniture to lounge on.

The sewing table is out of storage and reassembled. I know it is ugly. It is certainly old. But that puppy is sturdy. That is the most important thing. When I have the leaf in (as it is now; it doesn't match the rest of the table) I have lots of room to spread out the pieces of whatever I am working on.

I found quite a few more boxes of sewing paraphernalia. I might still have another stray box or two that is still buried. My job for tomorrow is to go through these and get the stuff organized. I know that some of my quilts are in these. I am not starting on it today because I am enjoying a bit of baking today. I have a couple recipes I have been anxious to try out, but I usually don't have time to do cooking or baking. This long weekend is just what I needed. Thanks for stopping by.

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