Thursday, May 17, 2012

101 Houses!

I have completed another 16 scrap houses. I now have a total of 101 houses! Yeah for me. Only 264 more to go.
I have just now noticed that my belly shows in this picture. I held my camera above the cutting table to get the 16 houses without showing all of the other mess on the table and inadvertently got my big belly in there. OK, that's just too much information. I am too lazy to go back downstairs, unpin them from the groups of 10 and rearrange them on the cutting table to take another shot. Sorry.

Summer semester has begun. It hasn't gotten too intense yet so I am trying to take advantage of a little down time to do some sewing.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. They are coming along so nicely - been a while since I touched mine - I like to do a whole lot at one time, so I will catch up.

  2. 101!! YAY YOU!! They look GREAT!! ;))

  3. Woooo! They look great! It'll be interesting to see the final result! =D

  4. You've made so many houses! They look wonderful! Can't wait to see more!