Thursday, June 28, 2012

FMQ June 2012

I had fun with the FMQ challenge this month. Below is my best sample:
When I started the top half, I had intended to do 1/4 of the circle with sun rays. I had so much fun, though that I just kept going.  I did section off the rest of it. In the lower section, I doodled, but then as I was quilting, I changed what I had intended to do. Is that what the 'free' in free motion quilting means?


  1. That looks amazing! If I had skills like that....well my quilts would look 10 times better =D

  2. Wow that is fabulous quilting I love the sun rays and the little pebble circles!

  3. Your sample looks wonderful! I thought it was great fun! I just sort of did whatever I wanted. I guess I was "free" also!!