Monday, June 18, 2012

This Week's Progress

Another week has flown by. I haven't been posting throughout the week so here is what I have accomplished in seven short days.
Scrap Houses:
I now have a total of 193 Scrap Houses! According to last week's post, I have completed 31 this week. I know I have mentioned in the past that math is not my strong suit and I am suspicious about that number. Since my paper patterns are on sheets of four and I complete several sheets at a time, the total should be a multiple of four. I guess I need to recount my sets of 10 to see if I have made a mistake somewhere. Oh well, bottom line is that I have made significant progress with my houses. According to my count, 193 takes me to July 11. I am purposely keeping these very scrappy looking. I am not color coordinating any of the houses. This is forcing me to get away from being so matchy-matchy in my fabric/color choices. This has been a good challenge for me.

New Project: Farmer's Wife
I am really late coming to this party. I have been reading a lot about this quilt project in blogland. I purchased the book and took a long time thinking about the fabric I would use. I have lots of stash, but I really didn't want to start another long project working with my dark scraps. I bought an Apple of My Eye (Riley Blake) fat quarter bundle for this project. I love the colors and couldn't wait to cut into it and start putting some of these together.
I completed five blocks this week. I chose relatively simple ones. Sometime I will post a rant about the templates provided with this book. Even I can do the math on a 9-patch based 6 inch block. Why are the templates not perfect 2" finished or 2.5" unfinished? Sheesh! If I wanted to draft my own templates I wouldn't have bought the book.
I'll go on (and on and on) about that another time. Meantime, I love the colors of this fabric. It would have been better to select fabric with a smaller scale to use on 6" blocks, though. Anyway, I love the fabric and I will keep on keeping on.

Another new project: 2012 Designer's Mystery BOM
What fun. I read other blogger's posts last year about the 2011 Mystery BOM with great interest and was sorry that I had missed out. I am in on it this time around.
The fabric is Vintage Modern. Don't you just love those colors? I have been stuck in a very dark color palette for a long time. I am really ready to turn away from those dark calicoes and break out into the modern age of quilting.

That is what I did this week. How about you? Now, my Snowman block #5 is waiting for me so I had better get moving. And many scrap houses before I sleep (sorry, Robert Frost).

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I love the scrap houses! What are you planning on doing with all of them?

  2. You've had one busy week! Beautiful work!

  3. Wow, you are on a roll with your houses! I think I am a week behind - but a day will catch them up.

  4. I really love that block made out of the Vintage Modern!

  5. LOVE your houses! I gave up on the FW book and decided to make my own sampler quilt - LHQSQ - starting with simple blocks and getting progressively more complex - you're welcome to join me - I've posted 31 of them so far - ;))

  6. Wow! You have been busy this week. Love all those scrappy housed, and oh those colors for the farmer's wife project are specatcular! The BOM looks fun to :) can't add any more projects to my plate though lol I can't keep up with the one's already there. Great work and keep having fun

  7. So many houses! The whole neighbourhood could move in. Great looking blocks! =D

  8. I tried making a few of the tiny houses...I was having so much trouble I gave up. Seeing these makes me want to give it another try. I love them!

  9. Love the scrappy houses. They look like a lot of work though.