Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Oh my. This post is going to cover the whole gamut. First, the Good:

I am really loving this Blue Ridge Beauty (Bonnie Hunter). The blocks for the bottom half are pieced and laid out on the design board. I think I am done shuffling them around. Next step, assemble rows and then join the rows. More will be posted later on this one.

The Bad:
Actually, this is bad only because I senselessly added to my stash.

This is Denyse Schmidt. It was on sale for 6.50/yd. Plus I had a 25% total purchase coupon from Joann's. Regular price is $12.99/yd. Now how could I walk away from this? Could you? I have no plans for this other than to love it for a while. I already have the same design in orange. I haven't used that one yet either. I just love it. In my defense, after I got home I compared it to some other fabrics that I am pulling together for a project, and it works.

The next one isn't really bad either, because I was using the aforementioned coupon to get a deal on some yardage for a quilt back.
This was regularly $5.99/yd. on sale at 4.19/yd. Plus, I used the 25% off coupon. I bought 8 yards for an upcoming quilt. How could I lose with this one? I usually think I am doing well if I can get $5/yd for backing. Had to get this.

I was actually planning to buy several packages of batting, but they were not on sale. Even with my 25% off coupon they weren't such a good deal in my opinion. I have gotten better deals when they have been on sale in the past. I'll wait for a sale.

OK, here is the UGLY:
This was totally due to my idiocy. My newest installment of Amish with a Twist BOM package arrived. I was so excited to dive into that one. Block #3. Bow ties. LOVE them. Raspberry and Brown. I pulled out the new fabrics and cut the pieces I needed and laid them out on one of my nifty design boards (Lori Holt). Sorry that this picture is blurry.

Next, Block #4. Rolling Stone. Copper and Brown. I remembered that I used copper in the blocks I made in the last installment, so I pulled the copper out of my project box.

Then it happened. Oh, oh. There are other raspberry-like fabrics in my project box. Gulp. Pull out the color chart. You already guessed it. I had cut the wrong fabric for my bow ties.

Here they are together. On the left is raspberry. The new fabric on the right, that I mistakenly cut into, is Fushia Punch. Well, maybe it will be OK. Maybe there is enough fabric that I can still cut out 20 3-7/8" squares. Cut, cut, cut. Not quite enough. I only managed to cut 18. Now, here is the second example of idiocy...I rechecked the directions. I was supposed to cut 3-3/8" NOT 3-7/8. I had actually wasted one half inch of precious fabric with each square I cut. Doh! Double Doh!

Walk around in circles. Pant, pant, pant. What will I do? I checked the website of the shop I purchased my BOM from, but they don't carry the fabric in their shop. I Googled the color and found that Shabby Fabrics does carry it. I ordered a half yard of the fabric and will wait for it to arrive. If it doesn't match exactly, I will recut all of the pieces.
I am saving the mis-cut pieces in case I can use them for future installments.

Meanwhile, I haven't started sewing this month's blocks. I am waiting until I get the replacement fabric. Somehow, I just don't have the heart to sew these yet. Here are the pieces for Block #5 waiting for the replacement fabric to arrive so I can cut the last two squares.
I am not always this stupid. But every once in a while I become an absolute idiot in the sewing room. I think I may need professional help.

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  1. Your quilt is beautiful! And I love Denyse Schmidt, too! Even more in common!

  2. Hello Karen,

    Love the Blue Ridge quilt. It will look fantastic when it's finished.

    Love from England,

  3. Love that Blue Ridge Beauty! Sorry that you mixed up your colors. It happens to the best of us. Stopping by from 'Let's Get Acquainted.'

  4. I love the Blue Ridge Beauty! I've had more than my fair share of idiot-in-the-sewing-room moments, so I feel your pain on mixing up the colors! I hope you can find a good use for the mis-cut pieces. I'm stopping over from "Let's Get Acquainted."

  5. Your good looks great, your bad is no problem, and your ugly isn't all that bad. Believe me, we've all been there! :)

  6. I'm sure it will all work out Ok in the end.
    Great fabric bargains.

  7. It is going to be OK. Your quilt is already scrappy. You might have to exchange some of the two colors to get through the entire thing, but it will just make you more creative. And that is a good thing.

    I really get your fabric bargains. I've done some of that myself recently.

  8. The good is really, really good. Looks great on the design wall! The bad is not bad at all. I respect your frugal fabric hunt and those will be perfect for one of your projects... you just don't see it yet! The ugly... Well, I think we all have had those days! And I find the more I try to do after making one mistake, just multiplies the mistake. I don't blame you for not wanting to start sewing right then. But it will all work out in the end, as others have said. We quilters always work it out!

  9. popping over from Anything Goes, and your Going Good !

  10. Your Good is very, very good - and your Bad is not bad at all - seems to me that you got some pretty good deals - but your Ugly is my favorite. If it were me, I would have made the "Bow ties" in the "wrong" color to put my own "Twist" on the pattern. Who says it has to be all matchey-matchey anyway?? But then again, it's probably just me - ;))

  11. Your quilt is beautiful on the design wall already - it will be amazing once finished. I too have a slight love affair with Denyse Schmidt. I can't resist anything she does with circles or dots!