Sunday, August 4, 2013

Farmer's Wife Progress

I have been plugging away on my FW blocks. I now have a total of 73. Woo Hoo! I have deviated quite a bit from the book. I have used a lot of blocks that have been shared at Barrister's Block, found here. I am always on the lookout for any 6" blocks offered by Lori Holt at Bee In My Bonnet. Such as this cute little basket.

This one is called Egg Basket and I found it here.  

 I have added to some of the blocks I have gotten out of the FW book. For example, I made the traditional bowtie. (Is it a pink tie or a flowered tie?)
But I think these four little ties are so cute, I just couldn't resist making them.
I made the made the spool block found in the FW book:
But, I think these four little spools are so cute, I couldn't resist making them and adding them to the mix. I even did the math myself to make this block. I am patting myself on the back because I HATE math.
I have also found a few basket blocks that are not included in the book. I added the following two blocks. I know one of them is named Cake Stand, but I never remember which one.
I have 38 blocks to go to get to 111 for a queen size quilt. I have more to make from the Barrister's Block site. When I am done with those, I will continue to rip off Lori Holt and my Left Handed Quilter friend. (See the button on the right side of my blog.)

I am linking up with Stitch by Stitch: Anything Goes Linky found here. I am also linking up with Quilt Story found here.

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  1. Who knew there were so many different versions of the spool blocks! Love them all and your basket blocks to.

  2. Love all these blocks. I really like the way you deviate from the originals, and create your own thing! Should make for a fantastic quilt.

  3. Haha - you can rip me off anytime, friend! - ;))

  4. Wow! You are doing great finding better looking blocks. The thread spools and the bow ties definitely look wonderful in the foursome block vs. the twosome block. I should say you should be patting yourself on the back figuring all that out. I would use my Electric Quilt program to figure it out.

  5. You have some wonderful additions to the FW quilt. I love, love, love the little bow ties and little spools. Your're making great progress. I really need to make some significant progress with mine.