Saturday, August 24, 2013

Question for my Smart Quilting Friends

Before the question, here is an update on Lucey. DH and I decided that we should have ordered the casters when we ordered the machine. What were we thinking? Duh! Actually, I was probably trying to keep the bottom line as small as possible so DH wouldn't have a stroke. Anyway, we have ordered the casters and will wait for them to arrive before finishing the assembly.

We completed the table frame in pretty short order. The next step is the legs, so we are stopped there. I wrapped an old comforter around the table frame so that it wouldn't scratch my floor if I needed to scooch it over for any reason. Just look who decided that he liked that arrangement?
That cat never sleeps in a cat bed. It had been years since he had climbed into his own bed, so I packed it away. He has every piece of furniture in the house to sleep on, and he takes advantage of that. As soon as I turned around, there he was, claiming that spot as his own.

OK, today's sewing. I sewed the Farmer's Wife blocks into diagonal rows with sashing between the blocks.
I still have to add the sashing strips between the rows, but I am at a stopping point because I have a question. My blocks finish at 6". I am using 2" sashing that finishes at 1.5". When determining the size to cut my setting triangles and corner triangles, do I consider my finished block size to now be 7.5"?

I have charts that tell me what size to cut for the size of a finished block and I have tried to see if I could find any instructions that included sashing so I could figure out if this gets included in the calculation, but no luck. If you are a follower, you know that I hate math. I whine about it frequently. I think I am usually pretty good at figuring out the geometry of how things fit together, but this has me stumped. I just know that my smart quilting friends have this all figured out and can save me from miscutting my fabric and saying bad words.

Can you help? My smart friends have answered my question. Thanks so much to Sharon and Kitty.

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  1. You answered your own question. When ever you doubt - make a 'scrap' test piece and pin in place to be sure of your size - eliminating wasteful cutting.

  2. I would consider your finished block size to be 7.5". According to Bonnie Hunter - the sashing should be considered part of the block - here's her link -

    And I agree with Vroomans'Quilts above - I would check the chart for the size needed for a 7.5 finished block size - cut a test piece to see if it works - ;))

  3. No idea what the answer is but love the way the quilt top is looking!

  4. Love your Farmers Wife Quilt. Ive only just started with mine. Only have about 12 small blocks now. Love the colours you're using.

  5. Love the quilt Karen and glad you have the answer to the setting triangles size. I hate math too! Blah!

  6. I love the colors you have chosen for your Farmer's Wife. Just beautiful! I'm also jealous of your design wall!

  7. Visiting from Anything goes Monday. Sorry I cannot help you with your question, measuring is just not me at all. I always have to use my friends to help me

  8. You are right. When you add 1,5" sashing to your blocks your quilt is bigger. Each 6" block is 1,5" longer and 1,5" broader.
    I love your quilt. It must have been (en still is) a lot of work! So beautiful!

  9. your Farmer's Wife blocks are so colorful! i don't know about the setting triangles, but I'm looking forward to seeing this top all put together!

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation