Thursday, July 21, 2016

Crossroads Quilt Along

I completed the 18 connecting blocks for the Crossroads Quilt Along. Phew. I seemed to take forever. I cut the pieces on Saturday. It took most of Sunday to sew the components and complete the blocks.

72 4-patches ready to go.

18 Connecting Blocks

Close up of one block. Intentionally scrappy.
Very cute.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Zipper Pouch

I made a zipper pouch from the Sherri McConnell video from Fat Quarter Shop, found here. So cute!

I really enjoyed using my favorite scraps to make something useful. I did not have Soft and Stable. I used Pellon Fusible Fleece. I think it turned out well, but I will shop for Soft and Stable for future use. I didn't have the special zipper she used. I found zippers at Hobby Lobby. I wasn't able to put the cute little pull tab on the zipper because my zipper didn't have the larger hole in the pull tab.

I have had such fun following Sherri's tutorials. Thanks to Sherri and FQS.

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Sewing Table Organizer

Since I have enough ground walnut shells to make 1,000 pin cusions, I revisited the Oh! Franson website for instructions for a sewing table organizer that has been on my radar ever since I started blogging. Now that I have the walnut shells (this will be a recurring theme on my blog), I knew I could finish this project.

Find the instructions here. I pulled out my Vintage Modern scraps from Bonnie and Camille. I love these colors so much. I know they will make me happy every day in my sewing room. I don't have any great photos, because my only camera is my iPhone. Sorry.

I customized the slots to fit the tools that I consistently have on my sewing table. When I finished it, I actually reopened it and redid the liner with walnut shells. I had filled the first attempt way too full. It was better when I redid it and had a little more 'looseness' to it. I didn't have wool felt. I used the felt that I had, but it would be better to have real felt as the insert on the top of the pincushion. Just saying. I am happy with it right now. Maybe down the road I will redo it.

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Monday, July 18, 2016

Pin Cushion

I loved the tutorial the Sherri McConnell posted on Fat Quarter Shop. So cute. Here is the tutorial. I ordered the cute, cute, cotton twill tape and couldn't wait to make one.

I bought the ground walnut shells from the pet store. Holy crap! I have enough walnut shells to make 1,000 pincushions. I see many gifts in my future.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sherbet and Creams

I have posted about this before (here).

I changed Joanna's pattern. She called for 2-5/8" diameter circle. I changed it to 1-3/4" diameter. The pattern called for 2" squares using sew and flip method on the corners of the blocks. I changed them to 1-1/2" squares. Crafted applique for the circles. Easy peasy.

I am very pleased with the results.

I like that more of the melon shapes are showing. I have cut my borders. I will probably need to buy some fabric for the binding because nothing in my stash goes with these colors and I have used too much of the sherbet colors in the quilt to make binding from what is left. What's a quilter to do? Shopping!

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Crafted Applique

See what I won!

Many thanks to Sherri McConnell (A Quilting Life) who hosted the give away on her blog. Also, thank you to Lara Buccella for sending the book. They were both very patient with me.

Sherri sent me an email in the middle of May telling me that I had won. Unfortunately, the email went to my junk folder. I never pay any attention to the junk folder, because it's junk, right? Wrong! I happened to go through the folder in late June because my computer was running slow and I thought I should do some cleaning out. I couldn't believe it when I saw that email. I contacted Sherri right away and fortunately she was still patiently waiting for my response before drawing another name. Lara happily sent the book. Lesson learned...check your junk folder regularly.

Anyway, I am having a great time with Lara's method for iron on applique. The projects in her book are beautiful and I would love to try them if I ever get through all of the projects I have lined up.

My first attempt with the crafted applique method was on my mini Twirl quilt (yes, I am addicted to minis). When I made my full-sized Twirl, I used applique sheets and fabric glue to hold the seam allowances on the back. I machine appliqued them on (here). The stems for this mini are tiny! I was thrilled to try crafted applique.

I only needed a small piece of fabric for all nine stems.

I happened to have a piece of foil in my sewing room from another project. I used that to protect my table. It was very easy to use the product and get a good result. Only 8 seconds with the iron attached the stems firmly to the fabric.

Since these will be in a mini wall hanging, I am not concerned about wash-ability. I think the results look great.

Another mini is finished and on my pile of tops waiting to be quilted. I plan to use the crafted applique method to attach circles to my Sherbet and Creams quilt top.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Addicted to Minis

While I am cooling my heels and considering what to do with the Sherbets and Cream quilt, I started a mini quilt, just so I could be productive. So much fun. It doesn't take long at all to have a project ready to be quilted. Very satisfying.

The first one I pulled out was a kit I bought from Fat Quarter Shop. It must have been on sale.
How cute is this?

This is a Joanna Figeroa design called Bloom. Now I want to make it up with Fig Tree scraps.

Then I jumped into another one. (I have quite a few of these patterns just waiting to be done up.) This one is Cherry Pie, also by Joanna.

Six of the reds are Fig Tree and two are from my stash. It is amazing how many reds just don't go together.

So, two more things go on my waiting to be quilted pile. I have already started another one. I will share that in my next post.

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