Sunday, August 28, 2011

Almost Done!

In the second photo you can see my built in storage bench which will also give extra seating.
The next photo is of my poor sewing machine. It hasn't taken well to being in storage. First it was for about a year and a half in Michigan, and now nearly another year in Kentucky. The hardware on the case has rusted. Even though I have had this machine for over 40 years, it never had any rust on it before. I am almost afraid to open it up to see how the machine itself has fared. On the brighter side, DH says that I will get a new sewing machine before he gets a 60" TV. I am taking that in a good way, not in the 'not a snowball's chance' kind of way.

Here is the wall of my sewing room that I have been envisioning since we started building this house. You can see that I have a laundry room sink in the counter at the right (the other white spot is a piece of styrofoam that I am saving). You will notice the support that is holding up the counter top. When the counter top was installed DH noticed that the counter was sagging. This is a temporary support and the contractor is making one that will match the finish of the cupboards. It will definitely be necessary to have the support. I hope to have see through storage units in that space so I hope the support won't interfere with the effective use of the space. Also, you will notice that we have cleaning supplies on all of the countertops. We have been cleaning up construction messes (so please don't judge me). You will also notice that I have laminate flooring in my sewing area. I didn't want carpet there. No more pins and needles dropped into carpet. Been there, done that.

Here is a picture of the sewing table I bought from Joanne's on sale. It has been stored in the garage for months. DH assembled it yesterday (with only a few choice words in the process). It seems to be very sturdy. When it is opened it is 5 feet wide by 3 feet deep. I can't imagine needing more space than that for cutting.

Here is a peek into my quilt closet. You can see my fabric stash. It is once again stacked on my old, old shelving units (I have had these since my kids were little. They have taken a lot of abuse, but they are sturdy). I haven't opened any of the plastic containers since they have come out of storage. I am hoping that there are no bugs or mildew. That would really make me cry.

On the opposite wall in my quilt closet is the other shelving unit. I holds mostly books, magazines and patterns, but also a few more containers of fabric and works in progress. It feels good to have all of these things in place where I want them, and not in some dark storage space. On the long wall of this closet will be where I will hang my quilts. No more folded quilts, which I know is a no-no, but I have not had any other options. Now they will be hanging, fold free. I have borrowed that idea from Judy Martin. If I knew how to insert links, I would link you to her photos.
   The carpeting will be installed in the main room and the bedroom on Tuesday. That will pretty much be it. DH has to install the hanging rod in my quilt closet. The contractor has to put in the glass shelves in the cabinets on the wet bar wall. I think the painters have to do some touch ups. That is about it. Then I will need to get my sewing table reassembled, and put up a design wall. I will be ready to get back to so many projects that have been stored for too long.
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