Monday, April 21, 2014

Star Surround Progress

I have completed four of the sixteen blocks I need for my Star Surround quilt (designed by Melissa Correy @ Happy Quilting). I love the graphic look. There will be lots of negative space for quilting.
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Great Granny Quilt

Here is my progress on the Great Granny quilt (Lori Holt's design). I decided to use the figure 8 to fill in the sashing strips. I did SID around each block.
I left the triangles around the GG block unquilted. I thought they were really too small to put feathers into. I was so excited to get this finished. I took it off the zipper leaders. I trimmed side one. I trimmed side two. I started to trim side three...but wait. See what I noticed. Oops.
How did I miss that? I forgot to quilt that last sashing strip. Now what? I had already started trimming that side. I CAREFULLY pinned it back on the machine.
I had to be very careful while quilting that strip. My pinning job worked. It is now finished. It is trimmed and ready for binding. Whew. Is there no end to my stupid mistakes?

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Update: January 2, 2015: Finished this quilt with Kona Cotton Coffee for binding.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Great Granny Continuous Curve

I have been working with Lucey to get this Great Granny finished. It took three rows before I figured out a path so I wouldn't have to either retrace to get to a missed spot or stop and restart to catch a missed spot.

I am pretty happy with the way these turned out. First I did SID around each block. Then I did cc in each.

Now, what do I do with the negative space between the blocks?
I can picture feathers fitting into each indentation of the blocks, but I don't really know how to go about it. What will I do where they intersect? I have also thought about making squares in the space to repeat the shape of the blocks. I am a pretty new long armer and could certainly use advice from someone with more experience.

Any ideas?

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She's Back!

Who is she? Why, my sewing machine, of course. Here she is happily sitting in her table.
Actually, she was only in the shop for a few days. I have just not posted in a while. What was the big problem that caused the top thread to keep breaking? This is a highly technical answer: crappy thread! No kidding. I bought two big spools of #50 weight thread from a vendor at a quilt show. I assumed that anyone who owned a quilt shop would sell good quality thread. Apparently, I was wrong. Lesson learned. I will now only buy a reputable brand of thread.

I rethreaded her with Gutterman thread and she is humming. It sews "like buddah!" Here are a few things I have been working on.

I completed block #11 in the 2013 Designer Mystery BOM program.
Next month I will complete the last block and begin to put the quilt together. The fabric line is Avalon from Joanna Figueroa. I love it.

I also completed the April installment in the GenX BOM project. I really love seeing the positive and negative of each block as it comes together.
Aren't these fun? Here are all eight blocks I have made so far:
I hope you are enjoying wonderful spring weather where you live. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here. Today, we will have storms. Oh well. At least is isn't snow.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rabbit, Rabbit!

It's the first day of another month. Yeah! No pictures today. I am still waiting for my sewing machine to come home from the spa. I have been working on my Great Granny Along quilt top on my Lucey. I don't have any photos yet. Coming soon.

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