Sunday, January 14, 2018

Planning Ahead: 18 in 2018

18 in 2018 is being hosted by Lynette on What a Hoot! I am in!  No prizes. No sponsors. Just personal motivation. I love this.

I am really counting on this list to keep me focused. My Quilting ADD has to get under control. I have promised myself that I will not be distracted by all of the fun-looking BOM's that come along in 2018. (I am already vacillating, however. The Patchwork Barn BOM project from The Quilt Show is very tempting.) I plan to allow myself to take on some Fat Quarter Shop projects as they come along. I had a lot of fun doing several of those projects last year.

I have selected projects that I am very excited about, some that will be fast finishes, and some that are problems that need to get worked out. I hope to actually finish some of my older projects that have now matured to the point where they are ready to be finished.

Big Projects:
1. Halo Medallion Quilt - designed by Sue Garman. This was the 2017 BOM from The Quilt Show.

The remaining steps are: design custom quilting for each area, load on long arm, trim, quilt, add binding,and label.
Finished March 13, 2018.

2. Audubon's Christmas Quilt - designed by Kathy McNeil. This is my big project for the year.

I am sure you have all seen this award-winning quilt. I have purchased the full pattern set. I have purchased an iQuilt class through AQS taught by Kathy McNeil to help me along the way. I have begun to purchase some of the fabrics that I plan to use. The fabric search will be time-intensive. There are not many quilt shops near me and I do not want to buy fabrics for this project online. I really want to know what I am getting.

The steps in this project are: fabric search, template preparation, applique each block, quilt, bind, label, add hanging sleeve.

 Nearly finished:
3. Wanna Build a Snowman? by pattern by Dana Michelle.
This wall hanging has been fully quilted and is off the machine.
The remaining steps are: trim, bind, label, add hanging sleeve.
Finished 1/16/18

4. Double 9 Patch from Fat Quarter Shop.
This is off the long arm, fully quilted.

Remaining steps are: trim, bind, label. Easy-peasy.
Finished 1/15/18

5. Double 9 Patch Table runner - using left over blocks from project above, I created a table runner.
Three blocks are set on point with setting triangles filling in. This is quilted in the same pattern as the quilt above.

Remaining steps are: trim, bind, label. Another fast one to check off the list.
Finished 1/16/18

8. Red and Cream BOM from Fig Tree Quilts
I can't believe that I never took a picture of the assembled flimsy. Here are a couple of blocks.
I finished the blocks and assembled the flimsy in October or November, 2017.

Remaining steps: load on long arm, quilt, trim, bind, label.
Finished April 22, 2018. Finishing details here.

9. Red and White - 2017

10. Star Crossed from Fig Tree Quilts. Sewn in 2017
I bought this as a kit from Fig Tree Quilts.

Remaining steps; load on long arm, quilt, trim, bind, label.

11. Sherbet and Creams by Fig Tree Quilts
This was a mystery project from Joanna. I made some changes to the pattern. I made smaller circles and squares at the intersections. I preferred to have more of the curves visible. 
Remaining steps: load on long arm, quilt, trim, bind, label.

12. 2015 Designer Mystery BOM from Fat Quarter Shop
I think this is too large to hang for display, so I will finish it for a bed.
 Remaining steps: load on long arm, quilt, bind, label.
Finished May 26, 2018. Finishing details here.

13. Vice Versa BOM from Gen W Quilters
 I think this was from 2014. I never quilted it because I was not confident enough. This really needs a modern quilting plan.

Remaining steps: design quilting plan, load on long arm, quilt, trim, bind, label, add hanging sleeve.

14. Twirl Quilt by Fig Tree Quilts

I didn't take a picture of the assembled flimsy.
Remaining steps are: load on long arm, quilt, trim, bind, add label.

15. Wild Card

Believe it or not, I still have many additional tops that need to be quilted. I will allow myself to chose one that I feel inspired to quilt.
Steps: load on long arm, quilt, bind, label.

 Challenging Projects:
16. Diamonds in the Sky - by Tula Pink

This is an English paper piecing project. While I love the fabrics and Tula's fabrics and design, I really hate English paper piecing. I just don't have the mojo to complete this by hand. I discovered an iQuilt class taught by Karen K. Stone called English Paper Piecing by Machine. This is the perfect solution for this project. I need to get this out of the tote bag it is stored in and get it finished.

Remaining steps are: complete piecing, assemble flimsy, load on long arm, quilt, trim, bind, label.

17. Zoo Nouveau by Ann Myhre. This was a summer sampler project from The Quilt Show. I have a good start on this, but I was not satisfied with my work on the Frogs and Traveling Snailsmen installment. I am not happy with the colors of the textile paint I used. I could only find a few colors at Michael's. I need to practice paint mixing so I can come up with better colors. I plan to paint over the part I have already done.
Remaining steps: repainting side sections, complete the remaining sections, assemble, label, add hanging sleeve. Finishing Details here.
Finished 2/18/18

18. Pumpkin Patch Lane - 6 installment BOM designed by Arlene Stamper and Melissa Harris.

I finished one installment, but wasn't happy with the machine applique my sewing machine produced. I used monofilament on the top and regular thread in the bobbin. Top tension set at zero. The bobbin thread kept getting pulled up to the top. No matter how good a job I do with the zigzag, the bobbin thread really ruins the look. I have all of the project parts. I have to get up my mojo to solve the bobbin thread problem. Finishing details here.
Finished 4/14/18

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Halo Medallion Installment #12

I actually completed the Halo Medallion flimsy on December 22. I didn't post it then because we were preparing for some traveling.

I am thrilled that I was able to keep up with this project throughout the year. The next step is to plan the custom quilting. This is much too special for an edge-to-edge. This is very high on my priority list.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Double 9 Patch Quilt Along

It is time for another fun quilt along from the Fat Quarter Shop. This one is the Double 9 Patch.

I chose Kona solids for this project. I had quite a few in my stash. I only needed to buy more Kona White for the background and a backing fabric.

Here is a single block. I used a dark gray (can't remember the correct color name) for the feature fabric in the center of each block.

They went together pretty quickly.

The top was assembled in a couple afternoons of sewing.

Progress on the long arm: