Saturday, July 21, 2018

Off the List Projects

I have worked on a few small projects that are not included on my 18 in 2018 list.

First, eight-year-old Little Missy visited from Michigan. I had the perfect project for us to work on together. We used the Accuquilt Go cutter to cut out these beautiful butterflies. This project was made with the free pattern that is included with the Edyta Sitar butterfly die.

Little Missy chose the color arrangement for the butterflies and the nine-patch flowers. She has a good eye for color. She identified the warm colors and cool colors. Kudos to her public school art teacher.

She also eyed a special piece of fabric in my stash that I had set aside with no specific project in mind. She wanted to use it so badly, but I didn't think it was right for the butterflies. After she left, I made a one-way zip bag out of it. I used Joan Hawley's method from my Craftsy class "The One-Zip Way." I didn't switch out the zipper pull with a different color because I didn't have another color that would go with the bag.

Fun projects. I have made several of these bags as well the the cute little Sweet Peas. I have been using the fabric leftovers from a table runner kit I made from FQS. This just shows how generous they are with the fabric for kits.

Another project that has been waiting for quite a while is the Sew Together bag. I bought the pattern quite a while ago, but was overwhelmed by the instructions. I wasn't sure that I understood them. After making the simpler bags above, I got brave enough to give this a try.

I am having so much fun in my retirement. Visits with the grandkids. Sewing without guilt. Cleaning and reorganizing the pantry. Baking nearly every day. If I keep this up, I will have to buy new clothes.

Thanks for stopping by.