Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bad Blogger!

I have been pretty absent from my blog this month. Bad blogger. Bad. It's not that I don't think of you all every day. I do. I even keep up reading all of your blogs. It's not that I haven't been doing any sewing. I have. It's just that blogging seems like such a chore. I have given up on the every Monday link up in the Get Acquainted Blog Hop. It is such a hassle for me dealing with the photos, etc.  When I have something to blog about it just seems like so much work to do a post. I am not very tech-y and this is  stretch for me. Anyway, I will try to do some catching up here.

We had a trip to Michigan to see Little Missy. Each time I see her I am amazed at how much her vocabulary has grown and how she is getting bigger.
We took her to Dutch Village in Holland. She wasn't too thrilled about up close and personal interactions with the animals. They were fine at a distance. Next year, she will enjoy it more.

While we were in Michigan, Joann's was having their Coupon Commotion. I took some time to go to their great store in Norton Shores. They have a great selection of fabrics...better than what I have found at the Lexington store. Anyway, I felt obligated to use the coupons. It just wouldn't have been polite not to. See what I picked out.

Just look at all the great DS fabrics I scored. I love the colors. I don't remember the names of the patterns or what collections they came from. I love the fresh colors in the group above and I was looking for some reds and found these two along with this great blue with red. I am dreaming of what I will do with these great pieces. Stay tuned.

I also finished Merry, Merry Snowmen block #6.
This one was much simpler than some of the others so far, but it still took longer to finish than I thought it would. The hand sewing on this block took 6 hours. I was amazed that it took so long.

I have also been sewing scrap houses. At last count I had 260 completed. A mere 105 more to go.

Thanks for stopping by.

July FMQ Challenge

I had mixed success with this month's challenge. When I was able to follow the tutorial, I did pretty well. Since my quilt sandwich was a different shape, I had to make up my own tile placements. I kept getting confused as to where I should start or stop. Which way do I go?? Total confusion. I really need to work on this some more.

I can't make straight lines when doing FMQ either. So I completed the challenge, but this one isn't pretty. I am more impressed with professional quilters every time I work on this challenge. On the bright side, though, I have actually machine quilted several quilts with meandering lines. I am pretty happy with those results. I couldn't do that when this challenge began. I am making progress in small steps.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another Finish

Yeah! I just finished the Thomas the Tank quilt for my grandson.

I meander quilted the center panel with a cream colored thread. I went around each of the trains. I used navy thread and meander quilted in the green and blue borders as well as the outer border. I am very pleased with the final product. The FMQ challenge practice is paying off. I did pretty well with the quilting. Grandson won't mind a few blips.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Big Boy Quilt

I have a quilt top waiting to be quilted. This is grandson's big boy quilt as he is moving from his crib to a bed. I plan for this to be part of his third birthday present.

He is crazy about trains, especially Thomas the Tank and all the other characters that go with that show. I found this on the internet and am very happy with it.

I chose the outer border because of the train labels. I picked out the solids from the details in the center panel. The blue border ties the two together.
I am now thinking about how I will quilt this. I was thinking of using my walking foot and doing straight line quilting, but those plain borders are screaming out for some kind of detail. I am afraid that I am not skilled enough to do that. Any suggestions? What color quilting thread would you use?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

June's Tally of Accomplishments

Here is a partial rundown of what I have finished in June. It is only partial because Google is giving me a hard time about my password and I can't get into my email. Since I am a technology immigrant, not a native like some of you youngsters who grew up with technology, I have a difficult time learning new technology. The only way I know how to put pictures on my blog is to take a photo with my iPhone, email it to myself, save it to my computer, and then load it onto my blog. Today Google is not letting me into my email so there are several pictures that I am not able to include in my photo mosaic. Now, to contradict myself, the photo mosaic on PicMonkey was very easy to use, as several of you told me last month. I hope this is a better way to look at a large number of photos.

The photos aren't in the order I would have liked, but here they are:
1. Merry, Merry Snowmen block #5;  2. All five Merry, Merry Snowmen blocks as they go together in the quilt; 3. June's FMQ challenge; 4. Finished Prism quilt! Yeah for me. A finished project; 5. Blogger's BOM block #10 in my Christmas fabrics; 6. All 10 of my Blogger's BOM blocks in Christmas fabrics; 7. All 10 of my Blogger's BOM blocks in my purple/black palette; 8. Blogger BOM #10 in purple/black; 9. 2012 Designer's Mystery BOM block #1; 10. Seven FW blocks using Apple of My Eye by Riley Blake; 11. Five more FW blocks. 
The pictures I am not able to load are of six baby burp cloths I made using various flannels that are left over from previous baby quilts I have made in the past. These are for Daughter, or her baby, whoever needs them most. And, a picture of 12 more scrap houses. I sewed a total of 61 scrap houses in June. That brings my grand total to 229 houses. By my count, that takes me to August 16. It feels good to be ahead in the count.

I am linking this post with Fresh Sewing Day at Lily's Quilts. Many thanks to Lynn for hosting this monthly link up.