Saturday, May 21, 2011

Welcome to my Blog

The purpose for this blog is to record the process of making a sewing room (studio sounds too pretentious) in a portion of our unfinished basement. We met with our builder to discuss what we want to have done. That was two months ago and we haven't seen him since. Actually, in this economy, if he is that busy, good for him. I am hoping to get the project finished this summer, but since it is now late May, the prospect of that happening is diminishing every day.

My sewing room will be approximately 20x13. I will also have a closet that is about 10x6. You see, this is why I am a quilter and not a builder. To me, those dimensions are close enough. When sewing, however, a seam allowance must be an exact quarter inch. I think the room will be a very adequate size. I can even envision a long arm quilting machine in there. Actually, that is just a dream. I will be lucky to get a new sewing machine when this is finished.

I have photos of the basement area but I have to figure out how to get them on this blog. It is my intention to record the whole process as well as to share photos from other people's blogs that have inspired me.

Visit my blog again to check on my progress.

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