Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blogger's BOM

I made some time for sewing yesterday, despite having two sets of student assignments to get graded this weekend. If I don't actually make time, I will never get to sit at my machine and sew. Here is the January edition of the Blogger's BOM.

I have to say, I am really liking these fabrics and the way they go together. What's up with that bottom strip? Time to go back to quilter's kindergarten. I hope the colors look better when this is published. The colors are much more vibrant in person.
Here is the set of five blocks that are done so far. I am pretty happy with them. I am thinking about how I will set them together in order to have a little larger finished size. The blocks are 8" finished.

I am also working on a Christmas themed set.

I am pretty happy with my working plan for the year. I have completed each category that I set up for the month of January. The BOM's for February won't be available until the 25th. The FMQ assignment needs to be posted by the last day of the month. I just got notice that my new applique snowman BOM has been shipped. That is the new one that is being added to the mix. It will be a challenge to keep up with all of my goals.
This is what I have to keep in mind every time I come across a new project I want to try or a new fabric I want to buy. I can hardly keep up with my current projects as it is. When I saw that Canton Village is offering 15% off all patterns this week (you can find them HERE), it makes me hanker for some Judy Niemeyer patterns. I LOVE Total Eclipse. Hold me back.
**Aren't you proud of me, Kitty?
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  1. Love your blocks!! I like how you are doing two sets of Blogger BOMs at the same time - how clever!! I like Judy Niemeyer patterns, too - may even have Total Eclipse around here somewhere - ;)) And YES - I am proud of you - you are VERY good student!!