Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rabbit, Rabbit!

Happy first day of a new month.
Yesterday, DH and I went to Monticello, KY to attend a quilt show. It was a small show, but it was nice.
It was hard to see the quilts because they were roped off. This was the winner in the small, hand quilted category.
I was trying to get pictures of the quilting details so I will have some ideas when I get started with FMQ on Lucey.

When we left Monticello, we made a special trip to Somerset, KY to go to Paul's Discount. My, oh my! Piles and piles of flat folded fabric at $3/yd. I have been told that I need to get inexpensive fabric to practice my FMQ. I followed that advice. I also found wide backing fabric that I will use for my Farmer's Wife. Got a gallon refill of Mary Ellen's Best Press. Terrific prices! Spent $130, but everything I bought was a bargain. DH is an enabler! Who knew? He helped me look through those piles of fabric and kept calling me over to see what he found. He was probably just thinking he would get out of there faster if he helped. It was a great day.

Today DH and I plan to complete the assembly of Lucey. Our delay is not due to difficulty of assembly. After the casters arrived, we discovered that a different part had been damaged in shipping. It arrived yesterday, so today is the day to get this finished.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Nice quilts and a husband who will help buy fabrics? Wow!

  2. a quilt show, shopping, and an enabler - sounds like a good day to me.