Sunday, November 17, 2013

EPP Tutorial

You didn't think I had written the tutorial myself, did you? How many times have I whined that I needed a good tutorial for the six pointed stars. I have searched and searched and had no luck. Today, I just stumbled onto it. I got an email from Riley Blake Designs with a link to an EPP tutorial for clamshells by Sue Daley. I checked it out and found out that she has a whole series of EPP tutorials on YouTube.
Check out the six pointed star tutorial here.

I am so happy to have found this tutorial. I have been doing things all wrong. First, the wrong needle. I was using an embroidery needle that was long and had a large eye. I chose it because it would be easy to thread. Here are the needles I need to use:
I bought them when I made my Merry, Merry Snowmen applique quilt. What a difference this has made.
Second mistake, wrong thread. I was using polyester thread that I had left over from various projects but it was way too thick. This is the thread that Sue recommends:
The 60 wt. thread makes a huge difference. It is fine and just blends in.
So now that I had the right needle and tread, what other problem could I have? I couldn't thread the needle to save my soul. Fortunately, I remembered that I had purchased this and had it tucked away in a drawer:
Problem solved. This Clover needle threader is a lifesaver. Now I can get the perfect thread through the eye of the perfect needle.
The next change is that I am going to try her glue method. That will save a lot of time that I have been spending basting each piece.
I am sure these changes will help me get my Tula Pink "Diamonds in the Sky" EPP quilt finished. 

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  1. I love to EPP so it is always fun to see what others are working on or using for tools. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh we sell the Clover needle threader in the store where I work in Manhattan, I always wondered if it was actually worth having - I take it it is?! :D