Saturday, January 11, 2014

Under The Stars

I have finally finished the Under the Stars quilt top that I bought through Craftsy. I have complained about this one before. First, I was disappointed to find out that it was nothing but written instructions and no video as with other Craftsy classes. Then I complained because it was such a boring block to put together. I think the reason I found it to be so boring is that I couldn't be happy with a star as I finished each block. I like to check my blocks as I go to see if I have done a good job or not. I just couldn't do that with this project. The stars didn't appear until the rows were assembled.
Anyway, here it is. It is my first completed flimsy for 2014. It has now been added to the pile of quilt tops waiting to be quilted.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. It came out very nice. I love bright colors like this. I prefer a video also when taking a class.

  2. I remember you saying that you thought that this block was "boring". But I must say - for "boring" blocks - these puppies came out VERY PRETTY!! Maybe you need another design wall for "boring" blocks - so that you can "visually" assemble the rows (and check the blocks as you go along) - before you "actually" assemble the rows - if that makes sense - ;))