Sunday, February 9, 2014

Gen X BOM February Blocks

It seemed like forever waiting for the second installment of this BOM. This month's assignment was HST's. I hate HST's. Everyone else in the world seems to be fascinated with them. I understand that they are extremely versatile. BUT, where do you press the seams? The ubiquitous instruction is 'press to the dark side.' Ok, then what? When I assemble the HST's that goes out the window. Every intersection is a big darn lump. I try to press them so I can nest the seams, but that doesn't always work out, depending on the arrangement. When I press that blob of seam allowance it tends to bury my beautiful points...even when I have accomplished beautiful points. I just hate them.

Nonetheless, here are my blocks. First the positive.
Here is the negative.
See what I mean? Even though I have very carefully pieced the triangles, the bulk that I have to deal with when I press messes up my points. Very disappointing. Here they are together.
I do love that the instructions give generous measurements that allow for trimming to size after piecing. This really helps for accurate piecing. Here are my trimmings for the 32 HST's in this month's BOM.
January and February BOM blocks

I am looking forward to next month's BOM assignment. I have to wait until the first Friday in March.

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  1. They are tricky to press just right. I have the same hard time with them. It's a delicate procedure;)

    In love with your bold color statement for these blocks!

  2. Wonderfully modern colour combinations. Your piecing looks great.

  3. I love when you can trim down too! and it is annoying when you lose the points, sometimes I get it and sometimes I dont. Not sure what actually happens, lol!