Sunday, January 3, 2016

Amish With a Twist

This one certainly didn't get done in 2015. I am done sewing for the day, so it won't get finished before next weekend. I am ready to start the last row. Then I will have the curly, twirly feather border.

When I finish the last border, I will need to turn the whole quilt so I can quilt the two side borders with curly, twirly feathers. Oy. So much work.

I have had another distraction. The family across the street has had a baby. I was told months ago that the event would occur, but did not have a due date. The only time I see the woman, she is in a car, so I had no way to keep track. When I showed DH the quilt material I had purchased for the baby quilt, (I felt so smug, because I thought I was on top of it), he told me he had seen the baby and he was three weeks old. Duh! How can I be so out of the loop? There is always notice before a baby arrives, but I always seem to be making the quilt after the baby has arrived. Here is the top that is waiting to get onto Lucey so it can be quilted.

Back to work tomorrow, so I am still behind.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

The Amish quilt is just stunning - take your time. 3 weeks old, heck I know some people who don't get them delivered until they are almost a year - no names please.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I agree - your Amish quilt is stunning - take your time! Relax and ENJOY the process - especially the curly, twirly feathers - they're pretty;))

Sorry, but I had to laugh at your baby quilt story. I have told myself repeatedly that I should have a couple of baby quilts on hand "just in case" because I really don't like deadlines. Never got around to it. So wouldn't you know - one "Tuesday" the neighbor across the street came over with his three daughters to tell me that he was going to be a grandfather. The oldest daughter was going to have a baby - and they all invited me to her baby shower on "Saturday". I accepted the invitation - shut the door - and high-tailed it back to check out my stash. I found an "I SPY" "cheater" panel - some backing - and spent the next few days quilting it (in the ditch). I finished binding it on Friday night - just in time for the baby shower on Saturday. And that reminds me - I should have a couple of baby quilts on hand "just in case" because I really don't like deadlines - ;))