Sunday, May 15, 2016

2015 Designer Mystery BOM

Here is block #12.
It seems to me that options should have been offered for those who might prefer to have a Synagog. Or a Mosque. Mainstream culture always assumes that everyone is like them. Just saying. It comes from years as a social studies teacher who appreciates multiple viewpoints.  That is as close as I will come to a political statement.

The flimsy is done. Yeah!
 I hate adding borders. Oy. This had many. Also, I mis-measured several times. I can't remember from the time I read the pattern and go to my cutting mat. CRS disease is closing in.

Another fun time is getting to the end of a border only to discover that I ran out of bobbin thread 6 inches in. Had to repin the entire side and resew. Am I the only one who is totally clueless about running out of bobbin thread? That is so annoying.

Anyway, this one is now off the design wall and added to the pile of flimsies waiting to be quilted.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oh, YEAH!! - VERY nice!! - And I agree about having options - not everyone is like "them" - ask any LH quilter how they know - LOL.

Borders - I try to add sashings and borders to the blocks that they are next to - as I go along - if possible. You make a bunch of "units" to put together to make a block - so why not treat the sashing/border as another "unit"? Easier for me than adding a humongous border later.

Bobbin thread - I hear you - that happens to me ALL the time. I read where one lady never used a "spool" on her machine - she always wound TWO bobbins and put one on the spindle and one in the bobbin case. When the top one was close to running out - she figured the other one was close to doing the same thing. I've been meaning to try that - ;))