Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Zoo Nouveau Update

I am still working on the Zoo Nouveau installment for this month. I attached shisha mirrors to the bitty blocks. I am happy with that part of the project.

I have not completed the embellishments of the butterfly blocks. I am hesitant to use beads because I am not sure what will be required in subsequent blocks. I am mostly using embroidery to embellish the butterflies.
 This block is completed.
 This block needs more embroidery. I am most pleased with the butterfly body on this block.
 This block is complete. I worked on this one first. I thought the french knots on the body looked like he has the measles. I added some whip stitching. This is my least favorite of all three.

I hope the embellishments will take attention away from the terrible DSM quilting. I can't do DSM free motion quilting. That is why I bought a long arm machine. Unfortunately, this project can't be quilted on a long arm. I will persevere.

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