Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Big Boy Quilt

I have a quilt top waiting to be quilted. This is grandson's big boy quilt as he is moving from his crib to a bed. I plan for this to be part of his third birthday present.

He is crazy about trains, especially Thomas the Tank and all the other characters that go with that show. I found this on the internet and am very happy with it.

I chose the outer border because of the train labels. I picked out the solids from the details in the center panel. The blue border ties the two together.
I am now thinking about how I will quilt this. I was thinking of using my walking foot and doing straight line quilting, but those plain borders are screaming out for some kind of detail. I am afraid that I am not skilled enough to do that. Any suggestions? What color quilting thread would you use?

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  1. If I was skilled enough - which I am NOT - I would do a stipple sort of thing in the middle so that each little train was in it's own little circle - in white thread. Then do a cable in each of the green and blue borders in white thread if I wanted it to show - or green/blue to blend. BUT - in reality - I would probably just quilt it with my walking foot - in a diagonal grid - the width of the green border - in white thread - ;))