Wednesday, July 25, 2012

July FMQ Challenge

I had mixed success with this month's challenge. When I was able to follow the tutorial, I did pretty well. Since my quilt sandwich was a different shape, I had to make up my own tile placements. I kept getting confused as to where I should start or stop. Which way do I go?? Total confusion. I really need to work on this some more.

I can't make straight lines when doing FMQ either. So I completed the challenge, but this one isn't pretty. I am more impressed with professional quilters every time I work on this challenge. On the bright side, though, I have actually machine quilted several quilts with meandering lines. I am pretty happy with those results. I couldn't do that when this challenge began. I am making progress in small steps.


  1. Loving the quilting pattern! Glad to see you sticking with it =D

  2. I love it!!! Keep up the great work and try not to be too hard on yourself!!!