Friday, December 14, 2012

Finished House Quilt

It has taken a while for me to chill out after finishing another busy semester. I posted grades on Wednesday morning and spent the rest of Wednesday and all day Thursday just sewing my brains out. Boy, did that feel good. I'll share my progress later.

Today's post is sharing my completely finished House Quilt.
Here it is, laid out on my king-size bed. I am very happy with the result. None of my fears about sending it out to be quilted came to fruition. Whew. I think it looks great.
I sent it to Missouri Star Quilt Company. It took about six weeks to get it back. I knew it would take a while because they were very clear about that when I sent it in.
I asked for gray/charcoal/slate quilting thread. I am really happy with the way it looks going across the houses and in the black border. You can see that I chose to use the same gray polka dot for the binding that I used in the sashing around the houses. I had originally thought I would bind it in red, but truthfully, I just didn't want to buy fabric when I had plenty of the dot left over.
OK, I have no idea how to turn this picture. Sorry. I made the label in the shape of a house. You will see that I included a couple "I Spy" questions just for fun. Those of you who have been following this long saga might remember that when I first started sewing these houses, I unintentionally made three with the door in the opposite position. It really doesn't matter at all, but from that point on, I purposely put the door on the left wall.
Here is a house with a bunny in the window. This one now goes onto my list of finishes for 2012.

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  1. I love this quilt! You did such a great job. Thanks for sharing pictures.

  2. WOW!! Your quilt looks GREAT!! I especially like that all but three of the doors are on the "left" - haha - ;))

  3. I think this quilt is amazing. It is wonderful to see it completed!

  4. Incredible!! this is awesome. I am so happy for you and this finish!
    Mine still fit in a little baggie!