Saturday, March 29, 2014

It has been a long time between sewing days. Work has been very busy. I have gotten some work done in spurts, though.

I completed the third BOM installment in Park Bench. Here are detail photos of blocks 5 and 6.

Those rulers make cutting and piecing hexies and diamonds a snap. I am pretty pleased with the points in these blocks. Here are all six blocks so far.
I also spent some time putting together the star centers for the Star Surround quilt. I have 11 done, with 5 more to go.
During the construction of these blocks I began having trouble with my machine. The stitches don't appear to be even. Top thread kept breaking. I changed my needle. I rethreaded both the top and bobbin threads. I cleaned lint out of the bobbin case. DH cleaned more lint out of the bobbin case using the vacuum. Still, every few inches the top thread breaks. Time for a trip to the sewing machine spa.

Today DH and I took the machine to Lexington to my dealer for a good massage, maybe a mud bath...what other fun things do people do at spas? I wouldn't know. I just want that baby to feel better soon. Here is a picture of my sad sewing table.
So here I am, twiddling my thumbs. I have projects to work on, but no machine. NCAA basketball won't be on until this evening, so I am bored. Look at this beauty that is waiting for me to get started.
I bought the Canned Pears pattern and fabric from Joanna Figueroa. I can't wait to cut into that Mirabelle fabric. It is just luscious. It will have to wait until I hear that the machine is ready to come home.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love those diamond blocks - wow! Fig Tree is always fun to play with - hope your machine is home soon.

  2. The blocks look great. Hope you machine is back soon.
    I like the Canned Pears pattern and your fabric choice.