Monday, April 14, 2014

She's Back!

Who is she? Why, my sewing machine, of course. Here she is happily sitting in her table.
Actually, she was only in the shop for a few days. I have just not posted in a while. What was the big problem that caused the top thread to keep breaking? This is a highly technical answer: crappy thread! No kidding. I bought two big spools of #50 weight thread from a vendor at a quilt show. I assumed that anyone who owned a quilt shop would sell good quality thread. Apparently, I was wrong. Lesson learned. I will now only buy a reputable brand of thread.

I rethreaded her with Gutterman thread and she is humming. It sews "like buddah!" Here are a few things I have been working on.

I completed block #11 in the 2013 Designer Mystery BOM program.
Next month I will complete the last block and begin to put the quilt together. The fabric line is Avalon from Joanna Figueroa. I love it.

I also completed the April installment in the GenX BOM project. I really love seeing the positive and negative of each block as it comes together.
Aren't these fun? Here are all eight blocks I have made so far:
I hope you are enjoying wonderful spring weather where you live. Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here. Today, we will have storms. Oh well. At least is isn't snow.

I have linked up with Anything Goes Mondays (Link on right).

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  1. Those Vice Versa blocks look great, I really like the colors you've chosen!

  2. So glad your machine is back where she belongs and ready to get some work done. Very cute blocks. :)

  3. So nice and relieving to have your machine in wonderful working order! Love your blocks!

  4. These blocks are stunning! The colors really pop !

  5. Love the starkness of your Gen X BOM Blocks! They're just stunning - great work!

  6. I love the colours you are using for these blocks. It's amazing how a block changes by reversing the colours!

  7. So glad the machine problem was an easy (and inexpensive) fix. I was having troubles with the bobbin thread breaking on mine ... I thought it was a thread issue, but changing to a different brand of thread didn't help. Grrrr