Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Halo Medallion

   I worked on the last installment of the Halo Medallion BOM from The Quilt Show. The last step is to construct the four corner blocks, attach the floater, and then the outer borders. I have very little sewing time remaining this year. My sewing time is precious. I spent Sunday working on the four Ohio Star corner blocks.

    I took my time. I was very pleased with my progress. Perfect points. Oh joy.
Aren't these great? Perfect points. Did I say that twice? It rarely happens, so it deserves to be repeated. So cute. Ready to attach to the Delectable Mountain borders. Oh oh. They are supposed to be 6.5". 

These are perfect 6" blocks. Doh. When I printed the patterns, the shrink to fit box was checked. Oh no. This hasn't happened all year in any other installments. I don't know how the wrong box was checked, but it was.

Now, I will have to print out the foundations again, carefully checking to see that they are the correct size. I am pretty sure I have enough fabric to re-do these. Oy vey. I REALLY wanted to have this flimsy sewn during 2017. Very little sewing time remaining considering our holiday travel plans. More to come.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oh, dear! Is there any way that you can adjust the size of the "floater" to compensate rather than redoing all four blocks? - That's such a waste of perfect points - ;((