Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rabbit, Rabbit!

It's the 1st of September already. Where did the summer go? Mine sure was busy. Finished teaching my summer class at the end of June. On July 8 I went on my two week study tour of Germany. I was back for a week and then went to Portland, OR to attend a conference for a week. We were home for two days before traveling to Michigan for 5 days. Whew. That was a lot of travel, but I loved it.

So, what's up with Rabbit, Rabbit? In my family, everyone says Rabbit, Rabbit on the first day of the month. I have no idea why. There seems to be a contest to see who says it first.

Here is the exciting news. The carpeting has been installed!

It is great to have the last of the cement floor covered. It is also nice to have the echo disappear. I know we are really going to enjoy the coziness of carpet. I know we wouldn't have been happy with hard flooring EVERYWHERE in the house. There was one problem, however.
 Oops! The transition strip that joins the laminate flooring to the carpet is supposed to match the flooring. Do you see a problem? I sure do. DH wasn't sure when he saw the strip being put in. The carpet company didn't really make a mistake. I guess the mistake was ours, even though I don't know how it happened. When the flooring was installed, we saved one of the labels from the flooring so that we would be able to order that strip. The carpeting company ordered exactly what it said on that flooring label. Somehow, the label that we took out of our trash wasn't from our flooring. That is why it is a completely different color. The correct color has now been ordered and it should be installed next week. At our cost, of course. 

I think the only thing remaining to be done is paint touch ups. Hallelujah. This Labor Day weekend we will be moving furniture out of storage and finding yet more of my sewing boxes. I can't wait to get my quilts hung in the quilt closet. Thanks for stopping by.

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