Saturday, September 24, 2011

TV and Music

DH has set up my old TV (with TIVO) and the speakers so I can listen to music from my iPhone. Now I can record all of those terrible reality shows that I seem not to be able to look away from (like an accident), especially those housewives. They sure make the time go fast. DH took the larger entertainment center for his new wide screen TV that will be delivered on Monday. He deserves it. Even though I said 'no' to the 3D, he is getting 3D. Whatever. I have my sewing room.
I am practicing my machine quilting. I bought the kit for this quilt when I found out that my daughter was going to have a boy. I was really disappointed when I got it and found that the largest section of the quilt is cheater cloth, not a pattern for applique as I had thought. Now I will use it to practice my machine quilting skills.
I have added a few more quilts to my quilt closet, but I still have to find two more. I know I have seen that box since we have been in this house, but now that we have arranged and rearranged boxes in the storage room when rummaging around for furniture, etc. I can't find it. I have two twin sized log cabins in red, white, and blue. I know I will find them sometime.
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