Sunday, March 25, 2012

36 Houses

I have been adding my sashing and cornerstones as well as adding a few more houses. I now have 36 houses.
I am really happy with my gray/polka dot sashing and the darker red cornerstones. I think they really balance out with the bright spots of color. 36 houses brings me to February 5. I am determined to get this done.
   I have some size issues. How does that happen with paper piecing? How could anyone have blocks that aren't QUITE the right size? I was too stingy when I started cutting my stash into pieces for the houses. I am now cutting my pieces with more adequate seam allowances, but I have a lot of precut pieces to use yet. They aren't exactly unusable, but it really slows me down when I have to make sure everything lines up exactly so I don't miss the line. Live an learn. I am definitely still a work in process.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your sashing and cornerstone fabric really worked beautifully. The paper piece pattern provided is a tad small for the roof and chimney sections. So I cut them a little bigger and then when I trim/square up the block, the ruler is my cutting guide, not the paper. - Measure those sections on your printout - you will see you need a little more on length as they are not 3.5".

  2. Your houses look GREAT!! And you know what? - I would really have to look HARD to find the ones with the doors on the wrong side! And the ONLY reason that I know you have some is that you posted about it a while back. How FUN!! ;))

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  4. Your houses are awesome and I love your choice of sashing. Perfect! I am working on my houses by determination too. It's a good thing that they are so fun to do.