Friday, March 9, 2012

Catching Up

I am back from my conference in Orlando, FL. The weather was great. Too bad that my schedule was full of business with no time to play. The day after I returned, we drove to Michigan to visit Son, D-I-L, and granddaughter. We had a great visit. We drove back yesterday. Even though it is still my spring break, I have work to do. Instead of getting it out of the way, I really needed to play in my sewing room. It has been too long since I have had time to sew. I spent the afternoon trying to catch up on the Blogger BOM project.
I completed the February block in both colorways that I am working on. I really enjoyed sewing this block. I might want to revisit it again in another project. I really liked the method that the designer shared. It went together rather quickly.
Here are the sets that I have completed so far. There are eight months in the BOM project. Just two more to go. The blocks are 8" finished. I am planning to put each together with setting blocks so the projects will be larger.

I hope to get some more sewing time this weekend. Thanks for stopping by.

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