Saturday, May 5, 2012

Away from My Machine!

We have slipped a quick trip to Michigan into the short time between semesters. The main purpose for the trip is for DH to help Son build a newer, bigger playset for Granddaughter. Here is a picture of the beginning of the process.
So far, no conflicts. While I am away from my machine I am really enjoying time with Granddaughter. She has changed so much since we saw her in March. Exploding vocabulary. What fun to spend time with her.

Today is DH's b'day, so we are going to have Margarita Cupcakes for dessert. DIL is an expert cupcake maker. I have taste tested and they are great. It is also Derby Day. We are missing all the hoopla in KY. That's OK; we aren't that into it.

I made a trip to Joann's yesterday and found a few reds and browns to replace some of my initial choices on my prism quilt. I hope these will solve some of the med/dark problems I have with my fabric selections.

I am supposed to be "off" this week between semesters. I have five meetings scheduled for this week. What's up with that? This is supposed to be a 9-month contract, but the work never seems to end. I am even missing one of the meetings because I am in Michigan. Since I don't have tenure I can't be too snarky about such things and I just go with the flow. 

I'll be watching your blogs while I am away from my machine. Be sure to share good photos so I can enjoy seeing your progress.


  1. Have a great visit with your granddaughter! My grandson lives far away so all visits are so special!
    Simply Miss Luella

  2. Glad to hear that you're still having fun, even being away from the machine =D

  3. I am smiling when I read this post because we are coming over to PA next month and our son has already asked for help with play equipment.
    It's great that you are having time with your grand daughter. That's so special!

    1. OMG, I am going to have such a post about the playset weekend. Just let me say, be prepared for it to take WAAAY longer than you think it will.

  4. aaaah...grandchildren...nothing like them to bring the "warm fuzzies" to your heart! Lucky you to have this wonderful time to share with her. Ok...I gotzta ask! How does one make a "Margurita" cupcake?? it sounds deeee-lish-US!

    btw...I really like the quilt on your banner and background! is there a pattern for it? I'm new visitor. Maybe I missed it from a previous post?


    1. DIL found the Margarita cupcake recipe at:

      When I get home I will look up the pattern name etc. for my banner quilt. I totally got it out of a book. I have no imagination. I'll be happy to post it.

  5. I hope all went well with the construction project. How fun to be able to spend time with your granddaughter.