Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prism Continued

I worked though the green round on the prism quilt yesterday. I had to reposition the whole thing on my design wall to make it fit. (Note to self: the next time DH is putting up a design wall, have him put it all the way up to the ceiling in order to make it as large as possible. This one is 6'x8' and it would be great if it was larger. It could have been 8'x8' but we cut off 2'. Doh.)
I am liking the effect. I really am drawn to a dark palette of colors. I don't particularly like the brown/gold round. That round looked really good in the project that this is based on, but with my dark fabric choices, I don't really like the browns in there. Oh well. Next I move on to the turquoise/aqua round and the blue corners. Maybe today. Or I might just look at it for a while and go back to houses. I have also received block #4 of the Merry Merry Snowmen quilt so that is also waiting to be worked on.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I LIKE IT! And I don't think that a design wall can EVER be too big - up to the ceiling (or as high as you can reach) - down to the floor - and from the light switch to the corner of the wall on other end - as BIG as you can get it - then you can just PLAY with putting stuff on it - until you need ANOTHER wall - ;))

  2. It looks great so far! I love how looking at it always draws you to different areas of the quilt! =D