Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Blogger's BOM #9

I have completed block #9 of the Blogger's Block of the Month. Another fun block. I have a little wonky problem in the lower left section of the Christmas block. I will likely take that apart and fix it. How can everything go so well and then I get to one spot and get so off track?


  1. Great blocks. That happens to me when I'm nearing he end the fabric shifts and goes wonky! =D

    p.s Would you mind turning off your word verification please and thanks =D

  2. I love your blocks..I think they are looking great! Are you doing 2 different quilts? I am doubling up on my blocks also..I want my quilt to be bigger :):) I am visiting you via Barb's blog. Hope to chat again. hugs

  3. When you figure out how not to get wonky on SOMETHING in the block - let me know - haha. Love your blocks - and the word verification is no biggy to me - I have it on my blog, too - it's there for a reason - ;))