Monday, June 25, 2012

Another Good Sewing Week

I have had another great week in my sewing room. My summer class is done and grades are posted. I have just one more week of meetings, reports, and student obligations to take care of. Then I intend to go into hiding and pretend that I have left town. My plan is to get a lot done in the three weeks that will remain before we go to New York to see daughter.

This is what I have been working on this week:
#1: Merry, Merry Snowmen BOM. Here is block #5
I love the movement in this one. It was fun to do. My applique skills are improving, but I will probably always prefer to piece.
This is how the first five blocks fit together:

#2. More Farmer's Wife blocks. I got seven done this week. I am finding some helpful blog sites, but I hesitate to mention them because of all the hullabaloo about posting anything having to do with FW.
I think that little basket needs to be set on point and I think I should applique a handle on it. It looks a bit bare to me as it is. It would have been nice if I had thought to center the apple in the block on the upper right. Oh well. It's supposed to be scrappy looking.

#3 More houses:
I got an additional 24 scrap houses sewn this week. That brings my total to 217. By my count, that takes me to August 4. WooHoo! Here are a few of them:

I now remember why my total is not a multiple of four. When I was first working on these, I really messed one up. I picked out stitches and resewed until it was just a mess. I am pretty sure that I just threw that one away. It wasn't a temper tantrum, just frustration as the paper became so perforated that it was useless to continue with it.

That's what I did this week. How was your week? Thanks for stopping by.


  1. those mug-sledging snowmen are fun ... and the little guy peeking around the corner - I like the fresh colours for your FW quilt - 217 ... how many quilts are you planning to make with them?

  2. Just adore the snowmen in the cups! Wonderful projects going.

  3. wow - everything you've done this week and loving the houses! So you're coming to NY to see your daughter - you've probably got trips to The City Quilter, Pins & Needles and Purl Soho lined up. Have a good summer :)

  4. Your houses are adorable! :)

  5. You have been busy! Love Love Love the snowmen! Can't wait to see the farmer's wife blocks in a quilt, they are already beautiful :) Great work on your scrappy houses to, I love seeing all your progress, helps keep me motivated ;)

  6. Such fun projects! Loving those snowmen blocks! =D

  7. You have some really wonderful projects going. I like them all! Can't wait to see more!

  8. You have been very busy. I love the colors in your Farmer's Wife blocks. What did you mean by hullabaloo?

  9. Great blocks. I love the colors in your farmer's wife blocks.

  10. I saw your link at Plum and June. I love the scrappy houses... and the FW blocks. Both are on my list of "someday" projects. Your "about me" section gave me a chuckle. I, too, have a plain old blog:).