Wednesday, October 31, 2012


My family fared very well when hurricane Sandy hit NYC. They never lost power. One tree came down in front of their building. DH sent the picture.
I can't imagine that all of those parking spaces were unoccupied (I've never seen open spaces in front of their building), but DH didn't mention that any cars had sustained damage. They are definitely among the most blessed of any who were in the path of the hurricane. They kept power, had no damage and no flooding. DH is not scheduled to fly out of NYC until Sunday, Nov. 4, a full week after he was originally scheduled to leave. LaGuardia is still flooded.

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  1. So lucky! We made out fine in Massachusetts. I can't believe the damage in NJ and NYC. Thank God it's over!

  2. So glad that they are all safe!! They are indeed some of the lucky ones!!

    BTW - Rabbit, rabbit!! - ;))

  3. Happy to hear that your family is safe. Hope your husband gets home tomorrow, too. It's difficult to comprehend the damage that Sandy brought to NY and NJ.