Monday, October 1, 2012

October Rabbit, Rabbit

Rabbit, rabbit! It's October. Another month gone. It is moving way too fast, especially with all my responsibilities at work. When I get past Oct. 15 I should be able to get back to my sewing. Can't wait. I am posting about my progress on Fresh Sewing Day on Lynn's blog. (See the button on the right side of my site).

Progress on the houses...pretty slow. Just haven't had machine time.
Here it is. All the rows are sewn and I am assembling the rows in to big sections. If I actually had a day to sew I could have this done in no time.
The last two single rows are laying on the table, partially pinned, and waiting to join the rest of the bunch. Sigh.

On Saturday, Sept. 29 I went to a Bonnie Hunter class in Shepherdsville, KY. I couldn't get into the classes when she was in Lexington. That would have been much closer to where I live, but I also would have had to clear a whole day's schedule at work. It is actually a good thing that I didn't try to do that. So DH packed the car and drove me to Shepherdsville, unpacked the car, set up my stuff in the class, and spent the day looking for something to do. How sweet is that?
Taken from
Taken from

The class was great. I learned a couple really good tips that I will use in my sewing from now on. Turns out some of my obsessive compulsive behaviors actually end up wasting time. I have to form some new habits.
Here are all of my precut strips, and 2.5" squares, and my 4.5" blocks for my Blazing Stars quilt. I completed one 8.5" block just so I could say that I completed a block. I think I really got a lot of sewing done in that class.

DH took the picture when I was talking, not when I was smiling. Oh well.

The best part, other than meeting Bonnie, was having 6 hours of sewing machine time with no guilt. If I had been at home, I would have been working on my big project for work; I would have felt too guilty to sit at the machine. I got 90+ 4.5" blocks done. Four of these will go into a larger block. I will need 99 of these larger blocks for the quilt. All of my cutting is done. So, I have another UFO, but it is like a kit that is ready to go.

Oh yes, and the best thing that happened in September. Jordan Andrew made an early appearance on September 24. Here he is with Mr. Precious.
As a rule, I don't put identifiable pictures of kids on my blog. I broke the rule this time.


  1. Just am in awe of how you have stuck with the little houses and how lovely is that! And jealous, a class with Bonnie - her classes are always booked when she comes this way - some day.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment about my houses. Keep checking Bonnie's calendar. She'll be in your area sometime.

  3. Rsbbit, rabbit!! Love your houses - ;))

    1. Thanks. They are coming along even though my sewing time is very limited.