Monday, April 8, 2013

Plugging Along

I have continued working on my WIP's. First, the Blue Ridge Beauty. I have gotten the borders attached.
I bought the inner border on sale at half price this weekend. The larger, outer border I have had forever. Literally. Here is a picture of the selvage I cut off the fabric.
Seriously. 1990. And that is not even the oldest fabric in my stash. Anyway, next step is to get the backing assembled and then pack this up and send it off to a long armer.

Next, Prairie Pines. The pattern is by Thimbleberries. It is purposely sewn scrappy. If I ever make this again, I think it will be more planned than scrappy.

This one is at least 15 years in the making. Seriously. I know which house we were living in at the time I was working on these blocks. We sold that house in 2000. It has been packed away since that move. It resurfaced on my radar since I set up the sewing room in this house. I attached the borders and cornerstones this weekend. It is now ready to be quilted. I think I can do this one myself. It is about 55x55 inches.

Next, I have worked on my Blazing Stars blocks. I started this project in September when Bonnie Hunter was in Shepherdsville, KY.
I was looking for some mindless, pedal to the medal sewing this weekend. I pulled this project out. I was happily sewing and enjoying seeing the pile of strips growing as I sewed and sewed. After a bit, I realized that my bobbin had run out and most of the strips on the floor weren't actually sewn together. Sigh. I refilled the bobbin and resewed all of those strips (the two piles at the top of the photo). I have no idea how many blocks I cut out of those strips. I really need to count them. I now have to add the white and red corner triangles to the blocks so they will be like the pile closest to the camera.

Good progress. Just plugging away. Teaching and work sure do get in the way of my sewing. I am linking up with Show and Tell Tuesday found here.

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  1. For letting projects 'age' - you are certainly sailing along!

  2. Wow! You have a lot of beautiful things to work on! Good for you on working on these projects and finishing them up! I love the fabrics and colors you choose!

  3. Yay for progress on old projects. I have been plugging away on some of my old projects too. It is so nice to get them done.