Tuesday, January 31, 2012

First House of the Year

I just had to get one sewn. I am participating in the 365 Scrap Houses in 365 Days Challenge. I have prepared (cut and pinned together) sets for about 80 houses. I just had to get at least one sewn in January. I am keeping track of my progress on this (and all my other) project/s on a chart on the wall next to my machine. I can't stand to see the empty square next to January.

I am working with scraps entirely. I might have to buy more light blue for my sky sections. I don't have very much in that color. I might have been too frugal in cutting my pieces. The door section doesn't have much of a seam allowance. I am reconsidering whether I will recut all of the door sections or just go with what I have.

I am not used to making such small blocks. This will be a real challenge for me. I also have to get better at removing the paper backing. This takes a long time and is tedious. I have made my stitch 1.5 but perhaps I should make it even smaller. If anyone has a good way to do this, please share.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I use the same stitch (1.5) and just regular printer paper - don't have any problem removing paper - it's just part of the process. And if you are just doing it one house at a time, it really isn't bad. I usually do 4 to 8 houses at a sitting.

  2. I use very thin paper - a short stitch - and a large needle - Jeans/Denim #14. The combination seems to perforate the paper very well - but doesn't help much with the tedium of actually removing the paper, sorry. ;))

    1. Do you have extra thin paper that can go through your printer? I am using regular printer paper. That is probably my problem, but I don't know what else to use.

    2. Try "Carol Doak's Foundation Paper" (available at Nancy's Notions) or "Fun-Dation" (Jo-Ann's) - both go through my printer with no problem. As a side note - I also do Foundation Paper Piecing backwards from most people. You can check my LHQ page for the tutorial if you're curious.

  3. I've also read that the pages from telephone books are the perfect weight for foundation printing. I've never tried running it through my printer, though.