Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ultimate Rabbit Rabbit

Not only is it the first day of a month, it is also the first day of the year. I love to state the obvious. Wishing everyone a new year that is full of possibilities. I do not make new year resolutions. I don't wait for the calendar to determine when I need to make changes in my life. In other words, I fail to make lifelong changes at any time of the year.

Instead of resolutions, I prefer making plans. I am a list maker. I love crossing things off my lists. I have laid out my 2012 sewing year with the projects I am already committed to. I have pasted a copy of my worksheet below. The X's indicate months when I will not be working on the project. The Blogger's BOMs are due to be finished in October. My Snowman BOM (which I have ordered through Shabby Fabrics) won't begin until February. The FMQ tutorials and the scrap houses will be worked on throughout the year.

Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Bloggers BOM X X
Bloggers BOM-Chrs

Snowman BOM X
FMQ Tutorial
Scrap Houses
 I can check off each month as I complete the project. I will be noting the number of scrap houses completed each month. I will have this pinned to my design wall right next to me so I see it each time I sit at the machine.
I have left room to add more projects. I have many quilt tops that still need to be quilted. I mean to make progress on those this year. You will notice that I have committed to participate in the FMQ monthly tutorials in hopes that I can do this quilting myself. I can't afford to send these tops out to be quilted and I will never be able to own my own long-arm quilting machine. When I bought my new Husqvarna machine I purposely selected one that had an extra large throat so I could manage to do my own quilting. That is my plan. In addition, I have several other projects in the wings that I am anxious to work on. I want to make quilts for each of my grandchildren (I have already begun purchasing fabrics). I have a cute little wall quilt kit that I bought on clearance years ago. It has resurfaced during the moving process. I bought a pattern for a really cute wall hanging for my sewing room. I would like to get started on that too. 
For now, I will put off starting any new projects. I want to see how I progress throughout January. If I am able to keep up, then I will consider beginning a new project. That's my plan. Now you can watch to see how I do. 
Best wishes. Thanks for stopping by.

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