Friday, May 24, 2013

Butt Ugly! Get it out of here.

How could I be so absent minded? I put the outer border on my Designer Mystery 2012 quilt top and didn't get a picture of it on the design wall before I folded it up to send out to the long armer. Duh! Sorry about that. I'll share a picture when it gets back.

I also finished the Great Granny quilt backing. Wait until you see the fabric I am going to use for the backing.
Is this ugly, or what? I bought six yards of it years ago because it was on sale. Of course, I thought it would be perfect for a quilt back. In the last 20 (or so) years, I have never chosen to use it as a back for any of my quilts. There is a message there. It is butt ugly. It isn't even 100% cotton. I am going to use is as the backing for my Great Granny Squares quilt. It seems appropriate, even if it isn't beautiful, to go along with other fabrics that have lived way too long in my stash. This ugly green fabric is going to be out of my stash and transformed into a useful quilt back.

I have two quilts boxed up and ready to send out to the long armer (2012 Designer Mystery BOM and Great Granny Squares). I am on a roll.

I have also added the border to my Hashtag quilt (design by Camille Roskelley).
The fabric that was my first choice for the border was not available at the quiltshop, so I chose a different one. Do you see that darkest hashtag in the quilt? That was my first choice.  I could have searched the internet and found what I really wanted, but I am at the point where I want to get things done. Can you tell my semester has finished and I now have sewing time? I am loving it.

I have cut out the blocks in the next Amish with a Twist BOM. I will be sewing those tomorrow. I still have to get the binding on my Blue Ridge Beauty. All in good time.

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