Monday, April 30, 2012

Prism Progress

Isn't that a clever alliterative title? As I told you yesterday, I guess you can't take me at my word. On Saturday I said that my intention was to sew some more houses on Sunday. Did I do that? No. I kept looking at the Prism quilt and decided to search out some more magenta fabric. I had some success. I added four new magentas and then moved on to the red/orange and brown/gold rounds.
The colors aren't showing true in this photo. I had intended to put some true oranges in the red/orange round but they just didn't look right. Don't believe the orange that you see in the photo; those are really more salmon or whatever you would call a color that is slightly off true orange. I am still thinking about my brown/gold round. Some of the golds appear to be too dark in my opinion. I also think I have too many browns that are cutesy calico with tiny little flowers. I have a lot of that in my stash. I think I will stand back and give more consideration to what I have there before I move on. But, remember what I said about my word? I could very well change my mind. I am also running out of room on my design wall. At the very least I am going to have to move things around in order to get the next round put up.
Look at this mess. What a slob! As I cut fabric for the prism, I came across fabrics that I didn't cut for my scrap houses. The reason these were overlooked is because they are large pieces of fabric and on my first search through my tubs I was looking for actual scraps for my houses. Now that I have cut into these fabrics for the prism quilt, I may as well cut some house pieces from them too. I didn't see any reason to nicely fold everything and put it away only to pull it out again when I cut house pieces. So there it is. A huge pile of fabric waiting for more cutting.

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  1. That sounds crazy! Go to do one thing and end up doing something else. Least you have an excuse for the mess...I mean organised chaos =D

  2. Pretty Prism Progress! - ;)) Very nice! And I feel your pain! As hard as I try - I do believe that Quilting and a "neat" sewing room are mutually exclusive! ;))

  3. NO slob, here! You are just a creative progress! =P


  4. Your prism quilt is stunning. I confess that I spend a great deal of time looking for fabrics I know I have somewhere! I have organised everything into boxes and drawers - but now just need to remember what's in which box! A labelling system is needed!