Sunday, April 8, 2012

This weekend's progress

I have spent quite a bit of time in the sewing room this weekend. What a great time I have had.
I have pieced the top of this baby quilt. You can find the pattern here. The fabric is Hoopla by MODA. The circles are not yet appliqued on. I have been moving them around trying to decide how I want them to look. I might stick with this arrangement, but I might not. I'm funny like that. I saw this on Moda Bake Shop quite a while ago. I bought the fabric and it has been in my stash until now. I mentioned that my daughter is expecting another baby in October. I just had to get this made even though I have promised myself that I won't add new projects to my 'to do' list when I have so many projects in progress.

I have made more progress on my houses. I have completed 12 this week and have these 8 about half done. I am done sewing for the day so this is my accomplishment for the week.
I have taken my completed houses off my design wall. I need to use the surface for other things. I can't have it full of houses for the rest of the year. I have pinned them together in groups of 10 (ala Bonnie Hunter) so I can keep track of my total. I am keeping them in a basket. I now have 61 completed houses and these 8 mostly finished. Sixty-one brings me to March 1. I am getting caught up.

I have been asked about my house blocks. I am participating in the 365 Scrap Houses in 365 Days Challenge. Information can be found here.


  1. I love the quilt! It's great to be able to mix and match things until you're happy! Wow that's a lot of houses! =D

  2. Your grandbaby quilt is adorable - such happy colors! And your houses are piling up quite nicely. At the rate you're going - you'll be caught up in no time at all. ;))

  3. I love the little houses and the bright baby quilt! Congratulations on a new grandbaby!

  4. I like the bright colors on the baby quilt. The circles are a nice addition to it.
    I absolutely LOVE the houses. I have always want to make a house quilt. Are you using a pattern or are you making them up as you go along?
    I just found your blog and I enjoy reading about your projects.
    hugs from south Louisiana
    stop by my blog when you get some time, I'd love to hear what you think of it.

  5. I am loving those houses! So cute and creative!